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Productivity: Have you ever wondered how people who get a lot done manage to stay productive in the face of so many distractions?

It is no longer news that only a tiny percentage of people on this earth succeed in staying productive while the rest struggle with achieving their goals.

The questions on the minds of so many people is: how can I improve my productive? How can I stay productive and grow in it? Or How can I join the tiny percentage of those who manage to stay productive in the face of so many distractions? 

Guess what? It is not impossible to stay productive and grow in it like the few people who seem to be killing it on a daily basis. It is not rocket science.

Actually, it is quite simple and straight forward.

The purpose of this expose is to share some of the best kept secrets that these high fliers use to ace their game and stay productive most of the time or in some cases, all the time.

But before we delve into these amazing secrets, let’s answer one very important question: why do you need to stay productive?


There are many answers to this question that will resonate with different categories of people and they will all be accurate when viewed from a perspective.

What I hope to achieve with this answer is to sum up all the reasons for staying productive in one sentence: you need to stay productive because it is the number reason for being alive. 

This might sound harsh but it is the truth: the purpose for your existence is productivity. You are born to be productive! Once you realize this fact, you will understand why you should not take the topic of productivity with levity.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s proceed to learn how productivity can be improved and how you can take advantage of the secrets that the one percent of great minds use to outdo and outperform others.


  • FOCUS ON ACTION MORE: one of the most overlooked hacks that people fail to utilize is the power of action over intention, or thoughts. Here’s the brutal reality: a creative and productive person is not the one who has amazing ideas and concepts, a creative and productive person is the one who gets things done irrespective of how crude and basic the action might seem. To improve productivity, focus on actions more on a daily basis. Get work tools that makes action easier to execute and be intentional about using them: here are some tools that can help taking actions easier in the workplace:

  • DO NOT TAKE QUALITY PARTNERSHIP AND TOOLS FOR GRANTED: I cannot count how many times I have seen amazing ideas and plans crumble because they were executed with the wrong partner or using the wrong tools.

Productive people understand the need to use quality tools and partner with quality brands, businesses, and people. This is why they keep improving in their productivity.

As a business or an individual seeking to partner with a quality brand that gives you quality work tools for improved productivity, Lancetrend is your best shot. You can reach out to them via this platform:

  • KEEP THINGS SIMPLE: this should probably be the first on the list, however, it doesn’t matter where it appears, the point is; one of the surest ways to stay and improve in productivity is to keep things simple. Sometimes, we succumb to inaction due to analysis paralysis. We try to over complicate things by over thinking and over planning and we end up over procrastinating and doing nothing.

Want to get a new printer for the office, do it now:

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Want to get a new headset for remote work, do it now:

Want to change all your work tools, do it now:

  • DO IT RIGHT NOW! This is the perfect follow up to keeping things simple. Yes! Do what you have to do now. There’s never going to be a perfect time. Start now, make all the mistakes, fail forward and keep improving in productivity. The point is: DO IT NOW!

  • AVOID TIME WASTING AND DELEGATE WHAT CAN BE DELEGATED: there are some tasks that are not necessary in the big picture- you know them because they do not add any value to the growth of your business and do not push the needle forward. These tasks should be taken out completely from your activity lists. If they are necessary for the system to keep afloat at the moment or have a long term effect, then try to outsource them so that you can focus more effort on the actions and activities that moves your business in the right direction.

There you go guys: these secrets that I just shared are what separates productive people from the others.


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