Four years ago when Amazon launched Career Choice, I don’t know that anyone realized just how profoundly the tuition assistance program would impact Amazon employees and their lives. We knew it was a peculiar idea, and we knew that helping people pursue their passions and career goals were the right thing to do.

But we also knew that the concept of giving employees the skills and training that would enable them to leave Amazon was new territory for a company like ours. However, we recognized that while some individuals will make a career at Amazon, for others a job here is a stepping stone to something else.

Since it launched, more than 7,000 Amazon employees in ten countries around the world have used Career Choice. Amazonians are becoming nurses, pharmacy technicians, IT helpdesk professionals, and commercial truck drivers – all job fields that are in high demand, and that provide opportunities for personal and professional growth. We have examples of their successes across the country, like Sharie from Phoenix, who successfully completed her commercial driver training through Career Choice and is exploring cities across the United States as a professional truck driver. Or Dana, in Pennsylvania, who realized her lifelong dream of becoming a registered nurse.

I’m so impressed by Sharie, Dana, and the many other employees who are taking that monumental step back into the classroom and taking advantage of Career Choice. I’m excited to help Career Choice continue to expand – not just at Amazon, but at other companies—and change the lives of even more employees in the years to come. Learn more about Career Choice.