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Getting a quality printer (inkjet, ink tank, laserjet…) is one of the most important decisions to make if you run a modern business. Do you agree?

Everyone wants to ensure that they get the best printer for their job and business because of course it is very crucial to productivity in the workplace.

After extensive research, we have been able to identify major types of printers that are ideal for home, office, and business purposes. (Today we will be looking at two of them: Ink-tank and Inkjet) This article is meant to serve as a guide to identifying the unique features of these printers and the best places to get them at the best rate.

Walk with me on a journey that I hope will help you make the best decision

Ink tank printers are printers that use tanks for holding the ink that is used for printing. Ink tank printers are considered eco-friendly, easy to use and cost effective by a large percentage of people.

The tanks in an ink-tank printer usually contains ink bottles of different colors.

On the other hand, inkjet printer are printers that produce hard copy by spraying ink onto paper. An inkjet printer usually has a print head that has tiny nozzles or jets. 

They use replaceable ink cartridges that consist of black and three other colors: cyan, magenta, and yellow. In some cases though, you can find an inkjet printer with just cartridge for all the colors of ink.

A typical inkjet printer can produce a copy with a resolution of at least 300 dots per inch ( dpi ).

Now that we have established the definition of these two printers, let’s move on to identify their different features.


Ink tanks have no inbuilt print head. They utilize individual color tanks, plus a black ink tank. The ink within these tanks can be topped up as needed from an ink bottle and is supplied directly to the printer through an integrated ink system. Printers with ink tanks tend to be referred to as ‘continuous ink tank printers

Some features of ink tank printers are:

1. Control panel with icon LCD display and copy counter

2. Flatbed scanner handles up to letter/A4

3. Up to 60-sheet input tray

4. Low-cost replaceable print heads

5. Spill-free refill system

6. Cancel, Return, and Copy buttons

7. Easy mobile printing with the HP Smart App

8. Built-in Wi-Fi Direct® and wireless networking

9. Tray extender

10. Automatic value technology

11. High-capacity transparent tanks

Now let’s move on to the inkjet printers


Color printing – Inkjet printers with color printing are capable of color output in addition to monochrome output.

Copying and sorting capabilities – Printers with copying and sorting capabilities are a multi-function system for printing, copying, and scanning.

Industrial metal housing- An industrial metal housing a cabinet for protection.

User controls – Controls on the front panel are used for user programming.  These controls can include a touch-pad user interface, or buttons for power, online, menu, store, form feed, reset, up, or down.

Indicators – Audio or visual indicators are used to indicate paper out, paper jam, or other errors.  The indicators can be LED lights or an alphanumeric display.

Cutters – A cutter is used to cut media from continuous forms or rolls.

Application software

They can print 2 to 4 pages/minutes.

Resolution is about 360d.p.i. Thus better print quality is achieved.

The operating cost is very low. The only part that needs replacement is ink cartridge. 4 colors cyan, yellow, magenta, black are available.


The only difference between an inkjet and ink tank printer is that: inkjet printers get ink from standalone cartridges, while – ink tank printers have larger ink reservoirs that supply ink into the cartridges through a tube.

That being said, each of these printers have their unique advantages and depending on what you are going for, you can pick up either of them.


  • Cost savings. It has been proven over time that using an ink-tank printer saves you cost in the long run
  • Easy to use and operate: this goes without saying: the features and parts of the ink-tank printer are designed in such a way that anyone can master them in a short while
  • Environmentally friendly: as I stated earlier, ink-tank are very Eco-friendly
  • Less messy: in addition to being Eco-friendly, ink-tank printers are generally not messy . Issues like spillage are barely encountered
  • Ability to print more pages between refills. An ink-tank printer can print 7000 pages in color (need I say more?) Compared to the range of 300-1000 that is common with conventional printers, I dare say that’s a lot


  • When it comes to initial investment, Inkjet printers are more affordable
  • Inkjet printers are known for producing high quality of, these printers are capable of printing fine and smooth details.
  • In addition to that, inkjet printers are also capable of printing in vivid color: they are good for printing pictures.
  • Like the ink tank printers, Inkjet printers are also very easy to use
  • They are reasonably fast.
  • The cartridges on inkjet printers can be refilled and reused
  • Inkjet printers do not need warm up time
  • Inkjet printers tend to be small, light and easier to maintain


There you go: if you are trying to make a decision about what choice to make between the Ink-tank printer and the Inkjet printer, take a look at their features and advantages and pick the one that fit in with the function that you intend to use it for.

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