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Have you ever asked this question: what’s the processor of this laptop, Is it core i7, core i5, or core i3? Chances are that you have most likely asked this question when trying to purchase a laptop.

A laptop processor whether core i7, core i5, or core i3 is one of the most important features because it strongly influences how the laptop functions.

Luckily for you, I have the perfect answer for you. This is based on my research and personal experience.

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If you have ever wondered what ‘core’ means in computer terms, you are in the right place because, in this article, I plan on explaining it in the minutest detail the unique features of core i7, core i5, and core i3.

Whether core i3, core i5, core i7, or core i9- these are names that Intel uses for their processors. Their capacity though differs with each number. For example, core i5 is obviously more advanced than core i3, while core i7 is more advanced than core i5.

Finally to clarify everything, let me define what a processor is: a processor, which is also known as the CPU, is the device that provides the instructions and processing power that the computer needs to get things done. The speed and efficiency of your computer are dependent on how powerful and updated your processor is.


Most people use these terms daily but very few people really know what they mean. I’ll try to explain and define them in the simplest way possible.

Simply put core i3 is a model of a processor by Intel that has dual processors, supports hyper-threading, and turbo boost, but does not have the K model

Core i5 on the other hand has quad processors (4 processors), does not support hyper-threading, but has turbo boost and K model

Finally, core i7 is Intel’s processor that has quad processors, supports hyper-threading, turbo boost, and has a K model



  • Available in multiple speeds, ranging from 1.30 GHz up to 3.50 GHz.
  • Features either 3 MB or 4 MB of cache
  • Utilizes either the LGA 1150 or LGA 1155 socket on a motherboard
  • Uses DDR3 1333 or DDR3 1600 RAM

Here is an example of a core i3 laptop:


  • Available in multiple speeds, ranging from 1.90 GHz up to 3.80 GHz
  • Features 3 MB, 4 MB or 6 MB of cache.
  • It utilizes either the LGA 1150 or LGA 1155 socket on motherboard
  • Core i5 processors are most often found as quad-core, having four cores. However, a select few high-end Core i5 processors feature six cores.
  • The most common type of RAM used with a Core i5 processor is DDR3 1333 or DDR3 1600.

Here is an example of a core i5 laptop:


  • All support 64-bit execution
  • Integrate 4 Cores (latest Core i7 processor incorporate 6 cores)
  • Speed ranges from 2.66GHz to 3.33GHz
  • Front Side Bus Speed include 2GHz, 4.8GHz or 6.4GHz
  • Support DDR3 main memory
  • Support Hyper-threading technology
  • 1MB L2 and 8MB L3 cache
  • Enhanced Intel Speed-Step Technology
  • Virtualization Technology
  • Streaming SIMD Instructions (MMX)
  • Over clocking capability
  • Supports Intel Turbo Boost technology

Here is an example of a core i7 laptop:


Here’s the fact: each of these processors (core i3, core i5, and core i7) have unique areas where they perform very well.

For example Core i3 chips are good for everyday computing. If you run web browsers, Office applications, media software and low-end games, one of these will be ample – but don’t expect a Core i3 part to handle content creation, serious photo-editing or video work. It’ll slow you down

On the other hand core i5 have enough power for high-end gaming, intensive image editing work and video editing.

Finally, the latest i7 chips offer up to six cores and 12 threads, making them better suited for advanced multitasking. Core i7 processors are considered ideal for multimedia consumption, high-end gaming, demanding applications such as Adobe’s Creative Suite, and scientific work.


In conclusion, when making a buying decision, your first question should be: what do I want to use this laptop for?

Once that question is answered, it will be easy for you to decide which of these processors to go for.

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