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(Productivity hacks for entrepreneurs)

Do you know that there are some hidden secrets known only to a few entrepreneurs today?

These secrets are what separates successful entrepreneurs from those who seem to be putting in the effort without result.


As a brand focused on giving you the best, we have curated these secrets to share with you.

Ensure that you read through this body of research to the end because it will definitely change your business game.

Owning and running a business can be daunting, demanding, and sometimes frustrating. This reality makes it difficult for most entrepreneurs and business owners to really achieve the success that they seek.

Here’s the harsh reality: very few businesses really break even. Here’s a more painful truth: less than ten percent of businesses make real profit and stay in business after 5 years.

THE REAL QUESTION IS: what do these people know and do that the others do not? And the answer is what I will be sharing with you in the next paragraphs.


entrepreneur productivity

Productivity is the ability to create, innovate, and increase in value.

The ability to be productive is one of the factors that determines whether a business and an entrepreneur will stand the test of time.

Here are the powerful albeit basic secrets to ensuring that you and your business stays productive.productivity entrepreneur

  1. CHOOSE THE RIGHT WORK TOOLS: have you ever been caught in a situation where you are expected to deliver result in a short time but cannot simply because of faulty work tools? If you have ever lost a major deal because of this reason, you will understand why having quality work tools is not negotiable. As an entrepreneur, you should develop a culture of investing in quality work tools because nine out of ten times, this investment always pays itself forward.

  • PARTNER WITH RELIABLE INDIVIDUALS AND BRANDS: guess what? the same principle that applies in friendship, also applies in business; you are an average of the 5 business partners that you have. What this simply means is that as a business owner, you can determine the success of your business by being intentional about the businesses that you partner with

  • PRIORITIZE TIMING: punctuality they say is the soul of business. Most businesses today have failed to utilize this secret. As a entrepreneur, you need to understand the fact that doing things at the right time is a virtue that cannot be negotiated if productivity is the goal.

  • ALWAYS STAY UPDATED: the world of business is a very dynamic one thanks to the digital age. What this means for entrepreneurs is that you need to stay updated to maintain relevance. Case in point: one of the trends in the business world is the fact that work tools have slowly migrated from wired tool to wireless tools. Any business owner who is still unaware of this fact, will most likely find his or herself playing catch up.

  • BE CONSISTENT: do you know that one of the most difficult thing to do is to stay consistent: research has shown that less than 10 out of a hundred persons can intentionally choose to commit to a task unsupervised for 21 days without falling short. It is no surprise therefore that the world is made up of more people struggling to achieve their dreams. You can set yourself apart by choosing to be consistent with your business

There you go guys: these secrets that I just shared are what separates successful entrepreneurs from the others.

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