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How can you stay productive during the ASUU strike

Before we move on to the important points of how to be productive during the ASUU strike, let’s first address the obvious question

When will ASUU call off the strike

The question of when ASUU will call off the strike is one of the most asked among young people today. Sadly, no one has an answer to that question right now.

That being said, this article is meant to be a different answer to perhaps what should be the most important question

The question in focus is “How can you be productive during the ASUU strike?”

Read through this article and I will propose some answers to this important question. Please ensure that you read this article till the end as I have a powerful secret to share with you.


How bad has the ASUU strike affected students

It is no longer news that the recent ASUU strike has thrown many young students into a state of unproductive inertia. Most young people who had a career plan and a timeline for their lives, now find themselves in a confused state, no thanks to the ASUU strike.

Because of this, and because of the passion that we have for young people, we have decided to share some amazing tips and as a bonus, a powerful secret that can help students defeat idleness, become more productive, and make more money.

Like I said earlier, before I share this secret (which is our special bonus), let me share these amazing tips on how you can increase productivity during the ASUU strike.

There are many ways that students can take advantage of to improve productivity during the ASUU strike, but for this article, we will focus on business opportunities

4 businesses you can do to stay productive during the ASUU strike

  1. Apply for freelance virtual assistant jobs: These days, it is easy to make money freelancing and doing a virtual assistant job is one of the easiest and most lucrative freelancing jobs in the market. Anyone can be a millionaire with just a good laptop. If you are going to do this though, it is important that you go for a good laptop. Check out some of the best laptops for doing a freelance job:
  2. Do online reseller business: this is one of the easiest businesses for young people. All you need is a good laptop and then partnership with a major distributor. You can get all of these here:
  3. Start video content creation: content is no longer just the future. It is the now. If you are talented and opinionated, content production is definitely a major consideration for you. For you to be successful though, you need to invest in the right tools. Check our some tools needed by content creators on our accessories list:
  4. Start a blog: blogging is one creative way to not only be productive, but also to make money and improve mental health. Check out website to identify affordable tools that you can use for blogging:

EXTRA TIP: aside all these amazing businesses, you can also do this to help you stay productive; Form a study group or focus group with your friends- this is one of the best ways to maintain healthy relationships while improving on productivity during the ASUU strike. For this to be very effective though, you need to be in an environment that eliminates distractions as much as possible. I recommend that you get these tools to make that possible:

Now that we have looked into different ways through which we can take advantage of this ASUU strike, let’s move on to the aforementioned powerful secret that I promised to share earlier.

You see, one of the most effective ways to start and scale any business in a short time is leveraging an already established brand that has what you want to put out on the market. What this does for you, is that it takes away the pressure of having to go through the strenuous process of building and maintaining a big business, it also saves you a lot of overhead cost that comes with maintaining a business.

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