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Wireless network


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Wait a minute, before we discuss the issue of wireless network, Let me confirm this: is it true that everyone wants the best tools for making more money? Just asking though

Well, if that’s the truth, then I think it’s important that you know this: Listen, as far as working tools are concerned, the decision to choose between wired and wireless tools is a very crucial one because it can determine whether you make a profit or not.

This article will help you make the decision that will definitely have a positive impact in your business.

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Wireless network versus wired network: the age-old debate 

Wireless network

Ever since the first radio introduced us to the world of wireless tools, the question: of which is better has been one of the most debated in the world of technology.

Today we will take a look at this question and I will tell you with viable proof why I believe wireless tools are better than their wired counterparts.


Wired network and wired tools -the forerunner before the wireless network

A wired network is a network system that uses a copper cable for signal transmission. It usually involves different devices interconnected with copper cables.

However, modern wired networks use Ethernet protocols that enhance transmission speed, data security, and network reliability.

Wired tools as you must have guessed are tools that use a wired network

Some of the advantages of wired network and tools include:

  • Reliability
  • Speed
  • Data Security
  • Transmission Distance

Wireless network and wireless-tools

Wireless, on the other hand, is cable-free networking. In this case, the air is the transmission media.

They are commonly called cellular networks because the transmission takes place between the cells or devices within the defined networking range.

The most commonly known example is WI-Fi

Some of the advantages of using wireless include:

  • Flexibility and freedom
  • Easier and affordable Installation and upgrading
  • Overall cost reduction
  • Easier mobility
  • Low cost of maintenance

Why is a wireless network better than wired network?

As I said in the earlier paragraph, the debate between wired and wireless tools has been going on for quite a while with opinions shifting between both sides.

Your choice between these two work options will go a long way to affect your work effectiveness and profit.

It is my sincerest hope that you will make the right decision after going through this article.

There are many obvious reasons why anyone should choose wireless tools over their wired counterpart, but I will stick with the major ones.

  1. GOING WIRELESS SAVES COST: this is perhaps the most important advantage that wireless has over the wired network. Every business owner wants to reduce costs while getting the best service delivery. The wireless network provides you with excellent service delivery while reducing the cost of setup, installation, and maintenance to a very minimal rate.
  2. WIRELESS NETWORK AND TOOLS ARE VERY FLEXIBLE AND MOBILE: in today’s fast-growing economy, mobility is key. It is no longer financially smart to be stuck in one place while you work. With a wireless network and by extension, good wireless tools, it is possible to work while on the go.
  3. USING WIRELESS NETWORK AND TOOLS MAKES INNOVATION POSSIBLE IN THE WORK PLACE: with wireless network and tools, innovation is very possible. The speed and flexibility that it offers make it very easy to be innovative.
  4. WIRELESS NETWORK AND TOOLS MAKES YOU MORE EFFECTIVE AND PRODUCTIVE: when working with wireless networks and tools, it is easier to work with a large team and achieve more. On the contrary, the wired network makes situations like this, cumbersome and tiring.
  5. WITH WIRELESS NETWORK, IT EASIER TO ADD NEW APPROACHES TO PRODUCTS AND SERVICES: the flexibility of the wireless network and tools makes it easy for businesses and individual brands to add new and innovative approaches to their products and services.
  6. GOING WIRELESS HELPS MAKE WORK CONVENIENT: one of the core advantages of using the wireless network and tools is that it makes it possible to work from anywhere comfortably
  7. WIRELESS NETWORK IS MORE SECURED THAN WIRED NETWORK: due to an increase in quality, the wireless space has evolved to become more secure than the wired network.

Conclusion: In the first paragraphs of this article, I promised anyone who reads to the end an amazing gift.


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