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LG 500W Xboom All In One HiFi System Pikin Multi Bluetooth AUD 5RNC

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LG 500W Xboom All In One HiFi System Pikin Multi Bluetooth AUD 5RNC

DJ, Sparkle Lighting, Vocal Effects & Karaoke star


Zit.ng offers a variety of very affordable products and the price is something you should bear in mind as it can increase in the future so go ahead and buy it now!

You might still be reluctant so here are the great benefits that this product holds for you when you buy the LG HIFI audio AUD 5ON (PIKIN) system.


Let’s just begin, if you are the party type then this product is especially for you. With this product, you can just as easily, snap your fingers and create the party atmosphere you want anytime, anywhere.

It doesn’t make sense that this product can’t deliver despite its worth. A product like this is expected to deliver and it does but you should know more about the product before buying so the remaining information is for you to know what you will miss out on if you dismiss this LG 500 watts sound system and if you change your mind later, the price would have gone up so to cut the story short, order it from zit electronics store now at 10% discount!

Don’t watch movies, don’t listen to songs? Come on! There is more to life than staying on your own. This LG 500W Xboom All In One HiFi System Pikin Multi Bluetooth AUD 5RNCmakes sure you don’t live such a broody and boring life. With the XBOOM, you can enjoy the bass blast as it penetrates your soul, your friends, loved ones, family, movies, music just became more wonderful. You get to enjoy the real deal that the audio in movies actually give, that you just don’t feel when you use your television alone.

Are There Other Great Benefits For You?

There is also a feature that this LG HIFI sound system has and that is the Auto Equalizer and what this basically does for you, is that it can recreate the music you’re playing to any genre whether rock, jazz, bass, etc. or, or you can increase the tempo which is simply the speed of the song whether fast, slow or medium.

The LG 500W Xboom All In One HiFi System Pikin Multi Bluetooth AUD 5RNC is great. It has a karaoke function which grants you the status of a renowned singer, celebrity for as long as you wish. This karaoke function removes the vocals, the voice you hear in a song and leaves the background music playing and you can then just be that singer you admire on the television by simply singing the lyrics that’s on the TV, you just get to sing and the background music continues playing. Just like that and you’re the next superstar!

The wonderful thing about LG is that they always go a step further to making sure their customers are always satisfied. The karaoke function isn’t just any karaoke, it’s karaoke star and this comes with whooping sixty vocal processing effects and sound reactive lights (like disco lights) which adds more beauty to your performance.


Very easy to use, right? This affordable LG HIFI system allows for more than one connection at a time. Imagine one wanted to listen to a song, (he’s got a very good song) so he connects and the song’s over and the other person wants to connect (she’s got a good song also) and the man has to disconnect and she will connect, no, no. This LG HIFI system has got you covered. It allows for multi Bluetooth connectivity, no need for continuous process of always disconnecting and reconnecting.

It also comes with two USB ports which you can connect to your external hard drive and play the content of it. You get to listen to your “ordinary“ song with high definition and booming sound.

Just like all LG PRODUCTS, they are affordable, durable, easy to use and also they have very cool, well-groomed designs that fits perfectly into any decoration and the LG 500W Xboom All In One HiFi System Pikin Multi Bluetooth AUD 5RNC is no exception. Order it now from Lance Trend Online Store, the only store in Nigeria that sells very affordable and durable products that gets delivered to your doorstep in less than 24 hours.

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