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Baseus Nimble Portable Cable 2A For IP 23cm Black CALMBJ-B01

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  • Brand: Baseus
  • Model: Baseus Nimble CALMBJ-B01
  • Connectors:
    • USB-A
    • Lightning
  • Functions: data charging/transfer
  • Current: 2A (max)
  • Material: aluminum, TPE
  • Length: 0.23 m
  • Black colour

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Baseus Nimble Portable Cable 2A For IP 23cm Black CALMBJ-B01

Baseus Nimble is the perfect companion for every trip. Thanks to its flat design and short length of 23 cm, it fits perfectly in your pocket, making it a practical choice for connecting your phone. to the power bank. You can easily avoid tangling the cord and storing it in inconvenient places. It provides fast and stable charging thanks to a current of 2A. Thanks to the use of TPE material. It is resistant to high temperatures and bending, ensuring long-term use without fear of damage.

The most important advantages of the Baseus Nimble cable:

  • It ensures complete traveling comfort. The 23 cm long cable fits easily in your pocket. The flat design, low weight and practical hook ensure that it will not get tangled or damaged during use.
  • Guarantees fast and safe charging. Internal thick wires allow the transmission of 2A current, which translates into instantaneous energy regeneration in your device.
  • It is extremely durable. Aluminum plugs are resistant to abrasion and corrosion, so they remain in perfect condition even after long-term use.
  • Provides flexibility and durability even during frequent use. High-quality TPE material makes the cable resistant to high temperatures and bending, ensuring long-term durability.
  • Enables simultaneous data transfer. The cable offers a data transfer speed of 480Mbps, enabling fast charging of devices and efficient file transfer at the same time.

Convenience of traveling with the Baseus Nimble cable

The compact Baseus Nimble USB-A/ Lightning cable is the perfect travel companion. Its length of 23 cm and flat design make it easily fit into a pocket or bag. Thanks to its low weight and practical hook, it will not be burdensome to carry. You will avoid the annoying tangling of the cord, which is a common problem with traditional cables.

Fast and safe charging for your devices

The Baseus Nimble cable provides fast charging with a current of 2A. Solid wires inside the cable ensure stable power transmission, protecting devices against overload or sudden voltage surges. Forget about long waits to charge your phone or power bank!

Durable aluminum plugs for a secure connection

Baseus Nimble aluminum plugs are a guarantee of durability and reliability – resistant to abrasion and corrosion, ensuring a stable connection even after thousands of uses. They are precisely matched to the ports, so you can plug them into your device smoothly every time.

Strength and flexibility that make the difference

The Baseus Nimble cable is made of high-quality TPE material, which is extremely flexible and resistant to high temperatures. This avoids problems related to frequent bending or accidental jerking. The cable does not lose its shape, does not crack and is not easily damaged.

Data transfer at your fingertips

The Baseus Nimble cable offers a data transfer speed of 480Mbps, which ensures efficient file transfer. Importantly, you don’t have to choose between efficient charging and reliable data transfer – this cable will allow you to use both functions at the same time.

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