Baseus CRXCJ-C0A F1 Car Pressure Washer EU Tarnish

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Baseus CRXCJ-C0A F1 Car Pressure Washer EU Tarnish

  • Brand: Baseus
  • Model No.: CRXCJ
  • Rated power: 1300W
  • Insulation: Class II
  • IP ratings: IPX5
  • Water inlet temperature: 0~40℃
  • Working pressure: 1000psi
  • Rated flow: 1.3GPM
  • Maximum flow: 1.85GPM
  • Water inlet pressure: 102psi
  • Maximum recoil pressure: 1450psi

Package included:

  • 1 Set x Car Pressure Washer Kit

$90.90 $120.00


Baseus CRXCJ-C0A F1 Car Pressure Washer EU Tarnish

  • Truly High Power of 1300W: It adopts a 21700rpm air cooled series-wound motor with rated power of 1300W. A thermal equilibrium system guarantees smooth operation and prevents overheating
  • Include a Pressure Meter: It has a durable high pressure gauge so users can choose suitable pressure for different needs
  • Recoil Pressure of 1450psi: A precise axial piston pump and optimal flow channel design offer powerful and uniform pressure and flow to clean your car quickly and easily without damage to car paint
  • A Professional High Pressure Foam Pot Increases Washing Efficiency:  A professional high pressure foam pot saves your time by producing thorough mixing between the water and foaming agent for farther range and a larger area of coverage
  • Multifunctional: This efficient and time-saving wash gun is suitable for daily cleaning and watering
  • Industrial Aesthetics Beautiful Appearance: Sheet metal processing on the whole machine creates fashionable appearance and tough style. Side air vents and hidden screw holes offer high mechanical strength and faster cooling.

Baseus F1 car pressure washer with accessories kit

Are you looking for a device that will allow you to comfortably wash your car and more? Easy to use Baseus pressure washer will prove to be a hit! Power up to 1300W and adjustable pressure will provide you with dreamlike results. The device is safe and convenient to use – it will prove useful in many applications. Its modern design has won the prestigious iF Design Award 2021 and it comes with a range of useful accessories.

Astonishing performance

What makes the Baseus washer so efficient? The device is equipped with a motor that operates at up to 21700rpm and is rated at 1300W. Moreover, the built-in thermal balance system prevents it from overheating and ensures even smoother operation. This unique device will surprise you with its efficiency!

Clean your car thoroughly

The device is designed to deliver incredibly effective performance. With a recoil pressure of up to 100bar and a flow rate of up to 420l/h, you can wash your car quickly and easily without damaging the paintwork. Want more? Add the right amount of foaming agent to the water! The mixture obtained with a professional high-pressure foam pot will allow you to clean your vehicle even more thoroughly in an extremely short time.

Adjustable pressure – multiple applications

The washer is equipped with a special valve and an easy to read pressure gauge, which allows you to adjust its operation to your needs and avoid damaging it. Thanks to this possibility, the device will prove useful in many applications. With its help you can clean not only your car! The high pressure is suitable for cleaning bicycles, floors, tools and pools. The low pressure is useful when watering the garden or tidying up the patio, for example.

Durable and safe to use

The washer is extremely durable and safe to use. It complies with CCC, FCC, GS and RoHS standards as evidenced by the relevant certificates. It also passed 64 durability tests. The IPX5 protection class guarantees water resistance. The device is also equipped with a safety lock. The length of 87cm enables comfortable use of the washer without any risk for the user.

Carefully considered design

The product draws attention with its modern, original and practical design. Metal plates that make up its casing give it an industrial character and ensure unparalleled durability. Ventilation holes placed on the sides of the device not only look great but are also responsible for efficient heat dissipation. All this makes the washer incredibly durable and resistant to damage.

Useful accessories included

The included accessories will make it easier for you to use the washer and make cleaning your car even faster and more enjoyable. In the package you will find, among others, a soap dispenser, various connectors and a special nozzle cleaner. With their help you will not only easily operate the device, but also keep it in perfect condition.

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